Anthony Giannotti has been a licensed barber for the past 10 years, but his career in the hair industry started long before that. In the early 2000s, Giannotti was deeply involved in the Rockabilly Scene, meaning the higher his pompadour the better. Unsatisfied with the selection of pomade on the market at the time, he started researching different ingredients and decided he could create his own product. In 2003, Giannotti ordered a pound of every ingredient he needed and started melting it down in his very own kitchen. After a lot of testing, he finally achieved a final product that was to his liking and Mad Cats Pomade was born.

He made it available for sale at his band’s merch table and began selling it wholesale to other local bands, trying to achieve the same Rockabilly look. At this time MySpace (you all remember what that is, right?) had just launched and Giannotti jumped on the opportunity to build his product a page. At this point, he was producing, packaging, marketing and shipping 2,000 cans of pomade a month by himself.

By 2008, his product was being sold in 30 different states and 15 different countries. As the product was growing in notoriety, so was Giannotti’s career. After opening up his first barbershop in 2009, this became his main focus and the era of Mad Cats Pomade came to an end. Giannotti continued to gain a positive reputation for his technique and skills shortly after becoming a National Men’s Haircutting Educator in 2011. Giannotti opened his second barbershop in 2015, which just happens to be Northern California’s first bar barbershop and most recently launched this product line, Victory Crown Barber Co. Since being launched in 2015, Victory Crown Barber Co. is already used in barber shops nationwide.

We welcome you to join the crown.